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You can sail through an audit.

Get peace of mind from seamless compliance and integrity solutions that save you time and money.


Where are you most at risk?

You and your compliance and integrity team are nimble - you have to be. The regulations are complicated and there's so much to manage especially with new PHMSA requirements being published each year. You are trying to pass your federal and state audits, protect the environment and keep the people near your assets safe -- with as few of resources as possible. That's a lot, but with a plan custom for your situation, you can take control!


Average # of PHMSA Audits Failed per Year


Average PHMSA Penalty per Incident

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Take control with a customized plan.

Save Time

Spend less time prepping for audits and have fewer post-audit follow-up action items.

Save Operations Dollars

Spend your ops money only where you have to.

Avoid Fines Automatically

No finable issues means no more fines.

We care about you because we've been there.

More than 40 years of combined experience as operators ourselves

Supporting and defending operators in state and federal audits since 2009

More than $6 million in fines and ops dollars saved

Mary Curliss Patton, PE, Regulatory Manager, Silver Creek Midstream Holdings, LLC

We were having growing pains as we became familiar with our new Wyoming assets. Our O&M Manual was not useful, and I felt pressured to replace it with something that was complete and user-friendly. Allied Solutions had the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. As I received each new section of the O&M Manual, I could see it fit our needs. The new manual gave us confidence as we faced our first PHMSA audit, and we sailed through it.

Where We Can Help

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Compliance Services

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GIS and Data Management

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Integrity Services

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule a free consult.

Step 2

Get your customized plan.

Step 3

Implement your plan.

100% regulatory compliance and pipeline integrity can seem impossible. There is a way.

Regulatory compliance with PHMSA and state agencies is not optional: You need a plan before you start operations. You have to follow your plan. You have to revisit your plan every year. Although you think your plan is foolproof, you have blind spots. A third-party reviewer will help you find them. Incidents end up costing an operator eight to eighteen times as much in fines and mediation as it does to create and follow a good compliance plan. No matter how busy you are, you're probably spending way more time and money than you need to be. 

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Sail through your next audit.
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