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Keep the product in the pipeline.

Step-by-step compliance and integrity solutions for oil and gas companies

How Safe Are You?

Are you sweating your next PHMSA audit? If it's just you and a couple people working on compliance part-time, you're right to be worried. The regulations are complicated, and there's so much to manage.

There's a lot at stake: public health, the environment, your team's safety, your company's health, and ultimately your job. It's up to you to keep the product in the pipeline. But you don't have to do it by yourself.

There's a Better Way.

Build an integrity team by outsourcing. I was an operator for 10 years and have been helping other operators with their compliance for the last five years, so I know what keeps you up at night.

You deserve peace of mind, and you can get it by collaborating with us to improve your safety program, step by step. Schedule your free compliance check-up today. Your next state or PHMSA audit may be just around the corner. With our help, you’ll feel confident that you’ve got pipeline and tank compliance and integrity under control. You'll avoid fines and keep your company viable.

Facts & Figures


Average # of PHMSA Audits Failed per Year


Average PHMSA Penalty per Incident


Allied Solutions helps you avoid regulatory violations, costly fines, and catastrophic incidents.

We help you improve your safety program, step by step. We bolster your existing procedures, manuals, and forms and make them compliant. We support you in all phases of an audit. We tackle many of your engineering assessments. And soon, we'll be able to put personnel in the field to see what's happening on the ground.

We're with you, step by step.


Compliance Management Services

We'll get you in tip-top shape for an audit with clear, compliant:

  • Tank and pipe jurisdictions

  • Procedures and forms

  • O&M manuals

  • CRM programs

  • Integrity management programs

  • Emergency response plans

  • Drug and alcohol programs

  • OQ programs

For state and PHMSA audits, we've got your back. We will:

  • Walk you through the process with a mock audit

  • Find the gaps and help you fill them before the audit

  • Provide live support during the audit

  • Support you post-audit to close remaining gaps

GIS and Data Management Services

We make your GIS and document management easy:

  • HCA and EFRD determinations

  • ILI alignment services

  • PHMSA annual reporting

  • NPMS reporting

  • State agency reporting

  • PODS databases and associated SOPs

  • MOP/MAOP validation

Map in Grass
Business Team

Integrity Management Services

We are your integrity management team:

  • Inline inspection program creation and management

  • Integrity management plans for both Pipeline and Facilities

  • Engineering critical assessments, including corrosion, crack, and dent analysis

  • Or outsource all or part of your program management to us, including planning and budgeting

Pipeline and Field Services

In the field, we have you covered:

  • DOT inspections and surveys

  • Tank inspections

  • Prepping, tracking, and remediation for inline inspection runs

Pipeline design done right:

  • Engineering and construction standards

  • FEED studies pipeline/facility

  • Pipeline design

  • Equipment spec and material selection

  • Hydraulics consulting

  • HDD bore design

  • Hydrostatic test design

  • Pipeline/facility project management

  • Facility optimization

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Step 1

Schedule a free consult.

Step 2

Work your new compliance and safety plan.

Step 3

Conquer your next audit.

We were having growing pains as we became familiar with our new Wyoming assets. Our O&M Manual was not useful, and I felt pressured to replace it with something that was complete and user-friendly. Allied Solutions had the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. As I received each new section of the O&M Manual, I could see it fit our needs. The new manual gave us confidence as we faced our first PHMSA audit, and we sailed through it.

Mary Curliss Patton, PE, Regulatory Manager, Silver Creek Midstream Holdings, LLC

We hired Allied Solutions as our interim integrity management team, and they surpassed our expectations. Allied skillfully guided us through the annual risk assessment and budget processes and always used good judgment when dealing with pressing and time-sensitive regulatory and integrity issues. Allied Solutions improved our integrity program and moved us forward.

Jimmee Smith, Manager, Capital Projects, ARB Midstream

We needed to conduct an engineering analysis of dents with metal loss and cyclic fatigue. It required complex modeling of multiple anomalies. We didn’t have the in-house staff who could do the work, and it felt overwhelming. Allied Solutions quickly identified a solution—a model that could predict whether the anomalies would fail under certain conditions. Once the initial data came back, we were able to establish a remediation action plan that would confirm the model expectations. By prioritizing higher-risk anomalies, we were able to minimize risk and allow the pipeline to remain in operation.

Vicente De La Rosa, IMP Engineer, Harvest Midstream

Are you ready to start on the path to full compliance? 

Every journey starts with one step, and the first step to full compliance and safety is to get a compliance check-up. It's simple and takes less than 15 minutes. Then we show you where your biggest gaps are and how to fix them, step by step.

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