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Engineering Critical Assessment

Are you running in-line inspection (ILI) tools and hoping the results won't crush your remediation budget? Let us create a customized Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) plan that safely shaves hundreds of thousands of dollars off your costs. Schedule a consult with us now.


Integrity Management Plan, Procedures, and Forms

Is your Integrity Management Plan (IMP) airtight? Maybe you're curious how a 15-minute check-up could save your company thousands of dollars in PHMSA and state agency audit penalties. Schedule a brief conversation with our experts to find out how.


PHMSA Audit Preparation and Support

Have a state or federal audit coming up, and you're not ready? We know you're busy with your "day job" and don't have time to prepare. We can help you build and execute a plan to get you ready, support you during the audit, and address the follow-up action items. When audits go badly, it not only keeps you up at night, but you have to explain to your boss why your company is being issued tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines because of something you missed. You don't have to risk putting yourself in that situation. Schedule time with us today to get started on your plan to sail though your next audit with confidence.


Aerial and Thermal Dispersion Analysis (including CFD)

Conventional aerial dispersion modeling isn't always accurate, and PHMSA has added new regulations to address that problem. We incorporate computational fluid dynamics (CFD), so you know what the true dispersion is regardless of the terrain. Eliminate uncertainty and the risk of fines. Call today to order a customized analysis for your HVL pipelines today.


Pipeline HCA Validation and Reduction

Want to know how to reduce your high consequence areas (HCAs) and delay or eliminate costly pipeline assessments? It is possible! We will analyze and validate your HCAs and reduce them as much as is allowed by the Code of Federal Regulations. Call today to order your HCA Validation and Reduction.

Additional Integrity Services
  • Inline inspection program creation and management

  • ILI alignment services

  • HCA and EFRD Determination

    • Alternative flow path determination for HCAs (required by 195 Appendix C)

  • Risk algorithm design using machine learning (meets new mega rule requirements)​

  • Risk software vetting, setup, and configuration

  • Turnkey integrity management

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